My feed was adding events to a while ago, but now it’s not—why? What happened?

If you successfully added your feed to, and it was once working before but now it is not, there’s a good possibility that it was removed for one of several reasons. A very common reason is that your feed may no longer contain any current data. 
Many times people create working feeds and then, for various reasons, stop updating them, yet our tools still check in every week to see what’s new. If after a long while we find that no new data has been added from a feed, we will remove that feed to save resources, both human and digital. We may or may not notify you if your feed is removed, and rely on you, the feed provider, to assure that it functions correctly and is publicly accessible. 
Other common reasons for feeds not adding events are coding/syntax errors, invalid event data, the inclusion of content prohibited by our terms of service, and network or server issues. Please contact us again if you suspect that your feed may have been removed or disabled, and you wish to once again have your data published on


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