How do I edit the event details?

*Note: An Eventful user can only edit events that he has created via his user account.  Otherwise, if you see incorrect event data, please send the URL and the corrections that need to be made to us by opening a ticket at and we'll take care of it from our end.

To edit / delete the events you posted onto, follow these steps:

1. Log into your account and follow this link to a list of your events: USERNAME HERE/created/events

2. Click on the event you want to edit and it will open the event detail page

3. Near the upper-right corner of the page will be a gray box that says "EDIT EVENT."    

4. Make the necessary changes to your event and be certain to click on the "Update event" button to ensure that your edits will go live. (If you want to remove the event completely and start anew, click on "Withdraw event.")

5. If you do not see the edit button on your event, that means you're not logged into your account.  Enter your username and password in the top-right corner where it says "Sign in" and the tools should appear.


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