How Can I Promote My Event?

Promoting your events through Eventful is a great way to get awareness of your event to a local market.  There are two options to do it.

Online: If you upgrade your event onsite, your event will live in a featured spot on for the week that you choose.  (Monday - Sunday)  Promoting this way, your event will have multiple exposures from the people that use Eventful in your area.

E-mail: Upgrading in this fashion will guarantee premier placement of your event listing in our weekly e-mailer.  It has an unheard of open rate among active event goers.  The email only runs once per week, but those that read it are genuinely looking for activities to attend.

Either option is great for event promotions.  The decision just depends on how active you think your target audience is online.  Although, there's nothing to stop you from promoting your event both ways.

Once you add your event, you will see a "Promote Event" button. This will show you all the pricing for your region and you can just follow the instructions to complete the upgrade! It's really easy to do and will take you through the whole process. Cost and size of audience depends on location, so please follow the prompts to get information specific to your event!



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