How do I change my location?

We have a couple answers for you depending on which location you're asking about:

The location on my profile

The location on your profile is the same location we use when we send you relevant Weekly Events Guide emails. 

To change your location, follow these steps:

  1. Make sure you are logged into your Eventful user account.
  2. Enter the new city in the location bar at the top of the screen and then select the city from the drop-down menu that will appear . This will add this location to your "saved locations".
  3. Click on MY EVENTFUL, under the locations bar.
  4. Click on SETTINGS, under my eventful.
  5. Select SAVED LOCATIONS from the selection pane on the left.

From here you will see your saved locations. Click on SET, to the right of a location name in order to set it as your home location. A green house icon will replace the word set, confirming the new home location.

The location I'm currently searching

This is what we call your "current location" because it's set to whatever you recently searched. It's not permanent by any means, and you can change it in the "Location" box in the upper left corner of Enter the city in which you'd like to search for events into the text box and click on the appropriate option that appears below.



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